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Managed Marketplace for Workforce Solutions

Through our managed marketplace, Aya Healthcare delivers the only workforce solutions for healthcare staffing that leverage real-time clinician engagement and algorithm-driven, personalized touchpoints to drive supply and deliver better results. Our client-facing platform, Aya Connect, is the technology hub that connects healthcare facilities to clinicians and suppliers at scale. In Aya Connect, administrators can enter job requisitions, view submittals, track compliance documents, approve timecards, schedule per diem and float pool staff and manage billing.

Benefits of Aya Connect

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Streamlined Process

Centralized, streamlined process with a laser focus on accountability and process optimization

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Time Savings

Time savings and reduced administrative burden of contingent labor staffing

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Complete Transparency

Complete transparency and visibility for cost containment and risk mitigation

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Access to Job Seekers

Access to the largest pool of active clinical job seekers in the healthcare staffing market for real-time engagement and self-service capabilities

Learn how Aya Connect can help you streamline your clinical and non-clinical workforce today!

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Real-Time Clinician Engagement

Aya Connect is bolstered by our proprietary MyAya clinician engagement tool, which hosts the largest pool of active clinical job seekers in the healthcare staffing market. Clinicians can perform searches for assignments, view estimated pay packages, and use Aya tools to learn more about Aya’s preferred clients and their unique locations.

In Aya Connect, clients can view MyAya's real-time metrics on clinician engagement at the job level. With MyAya, clients don’t have to guess or wait to find out how their jobs perform in the market. We monitor job performance and clinician engagement in real-time and quickly make adjustments to increase engagement. No other workforce solutions platform can deliver this level of insight and transparency.

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Manage your entire contingent workforce – including travel nurse, allied, per diem, locum tenens and all non-clinical staff. The Aya Connect software manages all aspects of job requisition, candidate submittals, onboarding, credentialing, scheduling, timekeeping, billing and reporting from the palm of your hand.

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Healthcare Facilities

Streamline all clinical and non-clinical staffing

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Staffing Agencies

Submit and track candidates with ease

Aya Connect provides access to thousands of jobs at leading healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Ask about joining the Aya Partner Network today!

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We want to help you take the guesswork out of contingent labor management. For more information about Aya Connect, contact [email protected] or submit a staffing request now.